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Gutter vac cleaning

Blocked or poorly draining gutters can be a real headache and ultimately will lead to costly damage to your building. But getting them clean hasn't always been easy, often involving multi stage ladders, trowels, buckets and sometimes leaving you wondering if the end result is as good as it should be.

 Well those days are gone! With our new Gutter Vac system we can clean your gutters out completely and all from the safety of the ground. Our system employs an industrial vacuum, extending pole system and potable DVD system which means that we can see what's going on in your gutters while we have our feet planted firmly on the ground.

Here are just some of the features of this comprehensive service:

  • We can survey your gutters before cleaning so that you can asses their condition and any other maintenance that may be required.
  • This system can clean gutters on 4/5 storey buildings. But if your building is taller, it's not a problem.
  • The systems camera means that we can see what we're doing during the clean and you can see the end results.
  • All waste material removed from your gutters ends up in our Gutter Vac and is removed from site so there's no mess left on the pavement around your building.
  • We offer a fast, polite and efficient service which means the minimum of disruption to you and your people.
  • We offer a quick and competitive quote on request so you know the costs before we set foot on site.
  • It's the only way to get your gutters cleaned with complete peace of mind.